About Rich

The Sugar Free Rich Story

After a health scare in 2019, everything shifted. I was over 450 pounds and made a commitment to completely change my life around. I took a Leave of Absence from my career in order to rebuild my relationship with food and my physical health. After 10 months of focusing on my nutrition and working out at the DOGPOUND gym, I lost over 200 pounds. When others heard my story and saw my transformation, they asked me to cook for them. It's been 3 years since I  started prepping meals professionally for others. These clients shared my plates on social media and began referring their friends and families, and SugarFreeRich Meal Prep was born. The support from early adopters of the brand was overwhelming, and therefore, I was able to leave my ten year career from Apple, Inc. and dedicate my newfound life to health by sharing the same meals that helped me save my own life. Our mission is simple, just like our food: to make healthy, affordable meals available to everyone. 

A Message From Rich

If I could tell you anything I’d tell you to believe.. I’d tell you there were going to be times you’d love to forget and times you’ll remember forever.. I’d tell you to stay the course no matter what challenges come your way because nothing happens by accident 🙌🏼🙏🏼